Miscellaneous Golf

Pro-Swing Club

Endorsed by Earnest Jones, the Pro-Swing club consists of a brass ball on the end of a spring attached to the bottom of a wooden shaft.  Designed as a swing training device.  Visual.  TCA p. 541  $695

WRIGHT & DITSON, The Automation Caddy

This club carrier was designed so when the golfer set it down the legs would spring into place.  I have a W&D catalog from 1900 that shows and describes this carrier. I have not seen another. Great early American collectible and a fabulous display piece!  $2,500

Unknown Maker Ball Mold and Press
Second Image
Third Image

Circa 1890 mesh pattern gutty ball mold and press.  Mold and press are made from solid iron and are extremely heavy!  $3,350

USGA US Open Local Qualifying Medalist Medal

I have two of these, one is from 1969 and the other from 1973.  "Lincoln" is engrave on the back of these medals as that is where they were one.  Winner's name not engraved.  Each  $175

Second Image

Three balls in their original case.  Each ball has a dramatic raised ring around its equator.  The ring on each ball is a different widthóthin, medium, and wide.  Designed for putting practice.  Produced in the UK circa 1970 and have now become a sought after collectible. Priced as a set.  TGC p 167. $550

FeatherBall-Circa 1840

This circa 1840 feather ball was made from three pieces of leather sewn together and stuffed with feathers.  These are getting harder to find.  Feather filled golf balls are the oldest known golf balls.  A true museum piece!  $4,750

additional image 1: back nine
additional image 2: front nine

1st round score card for JACK NICKLAUS, Score 65! Ready for framing! $3,000


Complete with scoring pad, rules, two decks of cards, and original box with lovely old graphic.  Circa 1932  $75